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Top 5 Best 2 in 1 Laptops For Artists in 2023


Sangram Rana

Looking for the best two-in-one laptops for artists? Ah, huh! because the best laptops for artists are two-in-ones. These laptops are great for artists because you can work on them anywhere and anytime. They also have high-quality screens, so your art looks great no matter where you are.

In the last few years, dozens of new laptops have come out, each with benefits. Of all these options, 2-in-1s are the most popular because they’re not too heavy and can do much without being your main piece for everything you need.

When it comes to art, one of the best ways to save money is to buy the best laptop that can do everything you need, and what’s even better is that you can do this for a meager price. This article will review some important things to consider before buying your next laptop. These are things that artists and anyone else who does digital work on their laptops need to know.

But I know most of you don’t have much time to read through a whole blog post to pick one article. So, here are four buttons that will give you answers right away!

We are lucky to live in a time when technology is so much better than it was in the past. I’m not an artist myself, but I have a few friends who are. And you know how it goes: they always complain about their laptops and try to find the best one for artists. Here’s a list of the best 2-in-1 laptops for artists based on hours of research by my team.

Our suggestions for a laptop for artists and drawing are:
We have enough information about the recommended specs you may need when looking for the best 2-in-1 laptop for artists. If you want to buy the best for yourself, follow this advice.

The minimum requirements:

Processor= Intel i5 or above/AMD Ryzen 5
GPU= Any integrated Graphics
Memory= 8GB or Above
Storage= 256GB or above and SSD is preferred
Display= It’s up to you but not lesser than 14 Inch
Battery Life= 8 Hours or above

Specs that should be followed:

Processor= 8th Generation Intel i7 or above /AMD Ryzen 7
GPU= Any Dedicated Graphics
Memory= 12GB or Above
Storage= 512GB SSD or above
Display= 14 Inch or Above with High Res
Battery Life= 12 Hours or above

What Are The Best 2 In 1 Laptops For Artists? 

1. HP Spectre x360 – Best 2 In 1 Laptops For Artists

  • HARDCORE PERFORMANCE: Latest Hexacore 10th gen Intel i7- 10750H (2.6 GHz base frequency(2b), up to 5 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost,…
  • IMMERSIVE DISPLAY AND SOUND: You’ll love the 15.6″ diagonal 4K 340 nits (3840 x 2160) IPS IPS micro-edge BrightView WLED-backlit…
  • BLAZING SPEED WITH SSD AND HIGH PERFORMANCE MEMORY: 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD (17x faster than a traditional 5400-rpm laptop hard…
  • HP TRUEVISION, ThunderBolt 3 and USB-C Support: HP TrueVision HD IR Camera with Dual array digital microphone – WINDOWS HELLO…
  • ALL-DAY BATTERY: Stay unplugged for up to 13 hours courtesy of the 6-cell 72.9 Wh Li-ion battery. Built to last you through the…

So, the first thing on our list is the HP Spectre x360. The HP Spectre x360 is a sleek device that gives an immersive experience. The 15.6-inch screen has a perfect, modern design, and the latest Intel Core i7 processor gives it high-quality graphics. Its beautiful FHD touch screen and 95% screen-to-body ratio give you the best comfort for everyday tasks like using social media or editing photos from a party last weekend.

The HP Spectre x360 is a powerful laptop that will help you finish your work quickly and efficiently. This notebook can help you because it makes it easier for you to make art. The laptop has a powerful 10th Generation Intel i7-10750H Processor that can go from 1.80GHz to 4GHZ. This makes it the best computer for technical work. This quad-core processor has 8MB of cache memory and can do more than one thing simultaneously. It also helps with Cricut maker uses.

HP Spectre is the best laptop for artists who use heavy software to draw. The laptop has 16 GB of high-speed DDR4 SDRAM, which makes it great for handling complex tasks and running multiple programs simultaneously.

This laptop has a 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive, which improves storage performance and shortens the time to start up, resume, and switch between tasks.

The 15.6-inch, 1080p touch screen on the Spectre x360 has a brighter display that is great for making art and watching movies or TV shows on the sharp and colorful screen. The low-power full HD display has good color contrast, but it’s not bright enough to use outside in the sun. It does, however, keep your battery going longer than most laptops.

So, yes, this is our best 2-in-1 laptop for artists, so we put it at the top, but wait! More is on the way!


  • Stunning, ultraportable design.
  • Epic battery life.
  • Bright, vivid display with thinner bezels.
  • Fast overall performance.
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • Stylus supported


  • Shrill speakers at max volume.
  • Runs a bit warm.

2. Acer ConceptD 3 Ezel – Best 2 in 1 For Drawing

  • 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core Processor (Up to 5.0 GHz) with Windows 10 Home
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM; Studio Laptop
  • 14.0″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen LED-backlit IPS Corning Gorilla Glass 5 anti-glare display with integrated touch and stylus…
  • 16GB On-Board DDR4 Memory; 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD
  • Wireless: Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX201 802.11ax Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz featuring 2×2 MU-MIMO technology; Bluetooth 5.1;

You probably haven’t heard of any laptops or brands from it. But let me tell you that this is a sub-brand or sub-category of Acer. Just like their gaming laptops are called Predator, Acer is now making laptops just for creators, and they are all called ConceptD. But the ConceptD 3 Ezel is the best laptop on this list, so let’s learn more about it.

The Acer ConceptD 3 laptop is a convertible model that can be used as more than just a regular notebook. With the 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor and its speed of 5.0GHz, you’ll never have to worry about even the slightest lag. This means you can be creative without being stopped by frustrating lags or glitches in your creative flow. You can enjoy your ideas becoming real.

This laptop has a 14-inch screen, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 is an excellent choice for the GPU. You won’t get bored because the graphics are excellent. Acer also made this laptop so that it has a longer battery life. It doesn’t have RTX because that would drain the battery quickly. It comes with 4GB DDR6 VRAM, which is plenty for this computer model.

This laptop from Acer has 16GB of DDR4 RAM, which is enough for ConceptD 3 Ezel. But the big news is that you can’t add more memory because it’s already on the computer. Most of you can play games like PUBG on this laptop. Well, you could, but it’s better to make games than to play them. This is a machine for making things, and playing games on a 14-inch screen isn’t as fun as on a 15.4-inch screen (hook up an external if needed)

Most creators don’t need more space than the 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD gives them because they back up their work on external hard drives and can add more space with an extra slot.

The 14-inch laptop screen is not only easy to see, but it also has a detailed display with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Corning Gorilla Glass protects the touch and gesture features, giving you peace of mind. The Wacom Pen lets you draw or make precise changes to your art when needed. You won’t have to worry about this excellent device being too fragile, either, because it has been tested by Pantone Validations, which should give everyone confidence that these screens will last a long time.

ConceptD 3 Ezel makes a promise about how colors will look. You might need this if you import Adobe RGB or sRGB files, and it ensures they stay as accurate as possible during the process! Concept D3 Ezel ensures your colors are always right because it works with both sRGB and Adobe RGB.

This laptop is pretty futuristic and will blow everyone’s mind.


  • A Glimpse of the future.
  • A perfect laptop for graphic designers.
  • Wacom Pen With its built-in slot.
  • Responsive Touchscreen.
  • Color Accuracy Guaranteed.
  • A Beautiful Design.


  • No Cons.

3. Dell XPS 2 in 1 Laptop – Best Convertible Laptop For Artists

  • Aspect Ratio:16:10
  • Beautiful From Any Angle: The anti-reflective touchscreen combined with superior 450-nit brightness allows you to enjoy your…
  • Breaking The Boundaries Of Performance: The speed and intelligence of an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris Xe…
  • Stay Cool: The XPS 9310 convertible touchscreen laptop is built with GORE Thermal Insulation, which provides thermal conductivity…
  • Our Smallest Webcam: The XPS 13 webcam delivers sharp video in all areas of the frame

The Dell XPS 13 is an outstanding laptop that can be used as a tablet. The new 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor has more power, better graphics, and longer battery life than any other laptop. It also keeps the same ultrathin design as its predecessor.

Intel’s eleventh-generation Core processors give convertibles more power than ever, thanks to better Intel Iris Xe Graphics and longer-lasting batteries. This is great for artists who want to use their 2-in-1 machine at home or on the go. That’s why it’s on our list of the Best 2 in 1 Laptop for Artists.

The XPS 13 has a sleek design, innovative touchscreen, and borderless infinity display that lets you work anywhere. An Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU powers the laptop with a clock speed of up to 4.7GHz. This means it can handle even the most demanding tasks quickly.

The laptop has 32 GB of LPDDR4 memory, which is a lot. This vast size makes sure that any task can be done quickly and that your information is always close at hand.

Dell gives this XPS 2 in 1 laptop many storage options. The machine has a 512GB PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive, also soldered onboard!

The device has a 13.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and a brightness of 500 nits that can be set to low or high for the best comfort of your eyes over long periods without eyestrain. It also has sharp images without any blue tint, and the diamond-cut edges will impress your friends. Not only do they look cool, but they also protect your phone if you drop it by accident.

The most up-to-date and powerful parts are the 11th Generation CPU and new Iris Xe Graphics in the Dell XPS 13. So, it’s perfect for businesspeople and artists who need something portable and powerful enough to last all day. Plus, it has an HD Webcam for excellent video conferencing.


  • Premium design.
  • Powerful CPU.
  • Thunderbolt 4 support.
  • Gorgeous display.
  • InfinityEdge bezels with a properly placed webcam.
  • Thin body.
  • Easy to carry.

  • Storage is not upgradable.
  • No dedicated Graphics.

4. LG Gram 2 in 1 Laptop – Best Laptop For Drawing

  • Aspect Ratio:16:10
  • 14” WUXGA (1920×1200) IPS Touch Display with Pen and DCI-P3 99% color expression
  • Intel Evo Platform Powered by 11th generation Intel core i7-1165G7 Processor with Intel Xe Graphics delivers performance for…
  • 16GB LPDDR4X 4266mhz RAM delivers a high level of performance for memory-intensive content creation, designing, editing, and…
  • Improve productivity with 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD for dependable storage accessible in a flash

Since it was founded in 1995, LG has been making high-quality laptops for artists. The LG Gram 2-in-1 is a new laptop that is light, cheap, and runs smoothly. Its name comes from the fact that it can be used as a tablet or a laptop, making it one of the best laptops for drawing on the market.

The LG Gram 2-in-1 laptop, an Intel core i7-1165G7 processor from the 11th generation, is a small, light, and sleek device that works on the go. It works better and uses less power but is still as thin as ever.

The new LG Gram laptop with an Intel 10th Generation Core processor has two modes: one that runs at low voltage to save battery life when doing basic tasks like web browsing or word processing and another that can switch between high-frequency bursts of energy use in apps like Illustrator, etc. This means you will be more productive when you work for a long time without an outlet nearby. This laptop will meet your needs because it has an Intel Xe Graphics chip that can handle all your graphics needs.

The LG 14-inch Full HD IPS LCD Touch Screen Display is a feature that only a few other laptops have. The screen has the best colors and can bring out even the most minor details, so people who make visual content and those who want to have fun will enjoy using this laptop.

This laptop has 16 GB DDR4 memory, which is enough for any work, so you don’t have to worry about RAM or storage. It also has a 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD, so your files will always be accessible without lag or hiccups.

This LG Gram laptop is sturdy and can handle dust, extreme heat or cold, and vibrations. It even comes with a stylus for drawing and animation! You can use your device in any setting and still get accurate results.

With a 72Wh battery, this LG Gram 2-in-1 laptop can be used for about 15 to 16 hours at a high level of intensity. When used as a lighter, it can be used for up to 20 hours before it needs to be charged again. Even when the system is under a lot of stress, it won’t heat up or slow down because it doesn’t have any moving parts that could rub against each other and cause overheating, which would lead to more power use and slower speeds.


  • Perfect package for artists.
  • Enough RAM and storage.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • No Bloatwares.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Responsive Touchscreen.


  • Audio quality is not good,
  • Aluminum body would be good.

5. Lenovo Flex 5 – Laptop That You Can Draw On

  • AMD Ryzen 5 4500U (2.3 GHz base clock, up to 4.0 GHz max boost clock, 3 MB L2 cache, 6 cores)
  • 14” FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, glossy, touchscreen, 250 nits, 45% NTSC Display; AMD Radeon Graphics; 360° flip-and-fold convertible…
  • 16GB DDR4 SDRAM; 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD; no Optical drive; 720p HD fixed focus webcam & 2x, Array Microphones ideal for Home,…
  • 802.11AC (2 x 2) + Bluetooth 5.0; 2 x USB 3.1 (Gen 1), USB Type-C 3.1 (Gen 1) with PowerDelivery, HDMI 1.4b, 4-in-1 card reader

Lenovo is always trying to be the best in the market for touchscreen laptops, so they have been doing their best to make them better and more ready for the future. Now, we can see an example of this in the Lenovo Flex 5, which is excellent for artists and professionals alike thanks to its combination of touchscreen features and a design based on the keyboard.

Lenovo Flex 5 is the best laptop for creative people who need a powerful device to do anything. The AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor makes everything easy and quick. It also uses less power and will only drain your battery for an hour or two.

The AMD processor is a beast when it comes to doing multiple things at once. It’s easy to open more than one program or folder, and its ability to do more than one thing at once will make you happy. The 16GB RAM helps the computer run smoothly so that nothing slows down. This is great for artists who sketch on their iPads using Illustrator.

The 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD is the best option for the average user. Choose LG Gram if you need more space on Google Drive or want a bigger hard drive. Since the read and write speeds are faster than most HDDs, your computer will start up much faster.

Lenovo is one of the most well-known companies that make laptops. Its Flex series design has an ABS plastic deck that shines for a reason. This gives it a unique look to get people’s attention wherever you take it. The 14-inch screen has Full HD picture quality with 1920 x 1080 pixels. You don’t have to worry about missing out on your favourite movies or TV shows because the touchscreen technology makes the screen bright enough, so that glare from the sun never gets in the way.

The Flex 5 is surprisingly light for a laptop, and its speakers are loud enough to fill a living room without distorting it. It has a battery life of 10 hours, which makes it great for studying or working on the go. It’s also very light, so you can easily carry it in your backpack. This is also good for students.


  • Its like a 2 in 1 laptop.
  • AMD with 16GB is quite responsible.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • Solid structure.
  • Good battery life.
  • Light in weight


  • It get’s Overheat.

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