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7 Best Chromebook Under 200 |Buying Guide


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7 Best Chromebook Under 200

The best Chromebook under 200 If you are looking for a laptop then this article is for you. In this article, you will find expert reviews.

The entire cost of the Chromebook is based on the idea that most lifting is done in the cloud. Because of this, manufacturers can supply high quality at a low-cost Chromebook under 200.

So, what are your options if you want a cheaper Chrome OS? In fact, to get this price you should probably look for lesser models or even older versions. The biggest reason for this is that every new laptop comes with modern features. So new laptops are getting more expensive. If you are a teacher or student or have basic needs like finding ways to access the web, social networks, and typing then this laptop is right for you.

If you want to do some hard work like video editing or photo editing etc., then you should get a new laptop.

How valid are refurbished chromebooks?

How valid are refurbished chromebooks

Chromebooks are great options and usually have some exceptions at reasonable prices, but they average 250 throughout the region. A Chromebook that is 5 years old will not purchase a renewal because it is too old and cannot support long term support.

However, if the modern price is right, a modern Chromebook that is refurbished is a great option. Like the previous answer with the Pixel Book, the 200 is a great laptop.

However, there may be some malpractice with refurbished hardware from anywhere but OEMs, which mostly come with a 20-30 day warranty provided by a refurbishment company.

Artificially decorated machines can be stained, without the exception of OEM, it is not practical to replace friction or sticky work.

Also, if you are confused about buying a Chromebook, this article will help you.

Why shouldn’t you buy a Chromebook?

Why shouldn't you buy a Chromebook

Here is the answer to this question.

You are searching Google for a cheap laptop. So in this article, we will remove all your confusion. Let’s take a look at one of the reasons why you don’t buy a Chromebook.

  • You cannot play games on this laptop. You can’t even play old games on this laptop.
  • You can’t do multitasking on a Chromebook, such as video editing or photo editing.
  • No-CD / DVD drive.
  • If you’re printing on a Chromebook, you need to print to Google Cloud.
  • For a small percentage of people, a Chromebook might work.

What should you know before buying a Chromebook?

What should you know before buying a Chromebook

Take special care of these things before buying a Chromebook.


When you have a lot of tabs open, RAM in a Chromebook helps the device run faster. Most Chromebooks come with 4GB of RAM, and this would be a great laptop for those who use Chromebook for easy web browsing, watching YouTube, and using the lightweight Android app.

People with Chrome OS browser tabs can open multiple tabs at once or hard Android apps must have a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM. Doing so will ensure that your tabs and programs will be used simultaneously. Some Chromebook models have 16 GB of RAM.


usually have an optional processor upgrade, but you should upgrade to a Core i3 or i5 CPU if you wish. Maximum RAM maximizes laptop performance, but only developers or experimental users who want to run Ubuntu, Linux, or Windows on their Chromebook need more RAM.


Storage is not the most important feature of a Chromebook, but it should not be overlooked. Chrome OS works the same way as Google expects users to rely on cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others for storage (at least in part). As long as you have an internet connection, you can access all your files through these different services. Google Drive even lets you save some documents for offline access now, plus you may need a hard drive if you use an SSD hard drive.

Poin2 Chromebook 14 – Poin2 Chromebook 14 Review

I know a lot of people are looking for a Poin2 Chromebook 14: If we talk about the price of this laptop, I think POIN2 CHROMEBOOK 14 is a much less reasonable price than the rest of the laptops. Because you can find this Chromebook anywhere. $300 brand new on Amazon any day, will let us know how to review this Chromebook which will make it easy for you to buy POIN2 CHROMEBOOK 14.


It’s easily one of the top picks for Poin2 because the majority of Chromebooks are made of laptops with clean, dark aluminum. Sure, there is polished aluminum, but all this metal makes the entire Chromebook a robust laptop, providing confidence. There’s plastic around the edges, but I can’t find the plastic parts the way they do in a strong, well-built laptop, but that’s not a big deal.


The colors of the POIN2 CHROMEBOOK 14 REVIEW are decent, the brightness is usable in the indoor environment, and its screen resolution of 1080P is the best compromise. Looks like 1080p isn’t as fast as 4K (2400 × 1600) pixels, but it’s set in a 14-inch frame.


The Poin2 keyboard is amazing, beautiful, and classy. I’ve used it much worse as a reviewer in my time and we already have a great construction keyboard. Sure, it’s not a backlit, but it’s a great journey and it’s okay to do all sorts of things and I haven’t been disappointed with any part of the experience and can type it freely.

Ports & Speakers

The port lineup is a bit of an occupant. Here’s one of each, but we’re looking at:

  • HDMI (full size)
  • USB-C
  • USB-A
  • SD card slot (full size)
  • Headphones / Mic Jack
  • Kensington Lock

I think the ports of this laptop are enough. If you connect multiple things, these ports may be less for you.

As far as speakers go, it’s rare to say good or bad. The speakers on this laptop are not so good, if you only play YouTube videos, then you are right. If you want to hear more, you have to buy a separate speaker.


  • Storage
    • 64 GB internal storage and 32GB of onboard storage.
  • RAM
    • 4 GB RAM With MediaTek MT8173

You can’t do any basic development or multitasking here, but if you have control over your tasks and tabs, Poin2 will be fine for daily use and general browsing.

Since the POIN2 CHROMEBOOK 14 REVIEW is inside the MediaTek chip, you can easily run Android apps here as well, developers build their apps based on their ARM first, so Android apps on Chromebooks Arm chips are more efficient in running.

How much should you pay for a Chromebook?

In this article I have mentioned about 4 laptops that you can buy a good laptop for at under $200.

what is the Chromebook for under $200?

1. Lenovo Chromebook 100E: Best Chromebook Under 200

Lenovo Chromebook 100E: Best Chromebook Under $200

One of the few new options on this list, the Lenovo Chromebook 100E is specifically priced for less than $200 for students. At just 11.6 inches, it’s not too big, but for a student, this laptop would be great. The 100e also has a waterproof keyboard, which is a nice feature.

In this laptop, you get a dual-core 1.6GHz AMD A4 processor and 4GB DDR4 RAM which is low. On this laptop, you can’t do multitasking like video editing or photo editing. You’ll also find 32GB of storage and integrated AMD Radeon R4 graphics, which is a plus point – apart from the basics, the Lenovo 100e also relies on 802.11ac Wi-Fi for a stable connection. Take full advantage of cloud-based Chrome OS apps.

Many modern laptops offer very few ports in favor of size, but you’ll be glad to hear that the Lenovo 100e Chromebook offers more than any other laptop. It’s equipped with a microSD card slot, USB-A 3.1 and USB-C options, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for all the remote learning you can handle. The most special thing about this laptop is that its 47-watt battery is rated up to 10 hours.

2. Samsung Chromebook 11.6-inch Under 200

Samsung Chromebook 11.6-inch: Under $200

Although Chrome Chromebooks may not be the first device that comes to mind when you think of Samsung, the Korean manufacturer offers a lot of options.

This 11.6-inch model keeps the Chromebook for less than $ 200, though it looks exactly like the Chromebook 4. This is a renewal option, although all models sold support Amazon’s 90-day warranty, which is a plus point for buyers.

If you choose to select this pint-sized option, you will see 11 11.6-inch HD LED displays open to a justly standard, depending on the price. Powering this display is Samsung’s proprietary Exynos hardware, in this case. At the same time, Samsung has installed only 2 GB of RAM which is not enough for a student or teacher, and has 16 GB of storage. And it also has very little storage, but most of your files and applications will run in the cloud, Drive, and Dropbox.

Samsung has managed to make a slim body for its 11.6-inch Chromebook, and you will know that there is no port on the left or right side of the laptop. the designers simply moved the ports to make better use of the space. You can make at most two USB-A options and an HDMI port on this laptop.

3. Acer Chromebook C720 Under 200

Acer Chromebook C720 - Under $200

You might be noticing a trend with these Chromebooks for under $200 and that trend is big. It’s virtually to be expected with the small 11.6-inch screen sizes, as a smaller edge would ultimately mean less area for the keyboard. You’ll find USB options on both sides and an HDMI port if you want to add a monitor. Acer Managed to maintain a compact selection of ports, so, it greatly reduced the load outside the keyboard, making it easier to manage the device overall. Under the hood, you’ll see that Acer opted for the Intel Celeron 2955U dual-core processor because of the chondriosome of its miniature Chromebook. It’s supported by 4 GB of RAM and a 16 GB SSD, which is a neater combination to advocate than that of the Samsung higher then.

4. Asus Chromebook C300MA Under 200

Asus Chromebook C300MA - Under $200

The Asus C300MA offers something that can’t easily match the last few Chromebooks with less than the Oaks 200 — a 13.3-inch display.

Unfortunately, the C300MA drops backtrack on only 2 GB of RAM, however it usually sacrifices a fraction of the cost. The clear metal shape can be a good thing, therefore, the self-portable computer is made of plastic.

If you are buying for your teenagers, Asus C300MA can be your good laptop, comes in yellow and blue. The choice of USB-A will give you a lot of peripheral capabilities if connected to the HDMI port only in some cases.

Rounding out the description sheet, Asus selected the Associate Intel Silver Processor for the C300MA as 16 more storage. Weighing less than three pounds, it’s a great choice if you like to work on the go. The C300MA stacks up with 10-hours of battery life and a trackpad that Asus boasts is among the biggest on any Chromebook nowadays.

Which is the best Chromebook for 2022?

By the way, there are a lot of Chromebooks in 2022. In this article, I will tell you to choose only two laptops that I know. I will give all the details of that laptop below so that you can find the answers to all the questions in this one article.



By the way, there are a lot of Chromebooks in 2021. In this article, I will ask you to choose only one laptop that I know. I will give all the details of this laptop below so that you can find the answers to all the questions in this one article.

Powerful chrome book with sheen design

If you want more performance in the Chromebook laptop, you should not mind taking a slightly larger laptop, the HP Chromebook x360 14 is a great choice. HP has several configurations that fall under this name, but we recommend the i3 processor.

How much RAM do you need in a Chromebook?

You need 8 GB RAM and 64 GB storage for Chromebook, which is a good laptop.

Although we picked up the Asus because of its beautiful design, there’s not much to complain about the slightly larger HP. It has various ports, RAM, and storage. The keyboard is great for easy typing, and it looks a little better because the speakers are on the keyboard deck instead of below, which looks beautiful. If you want to add something more to this laptop, it is designed lightweight, which makes your journey easier. You can see more in it. If you like it, you can easily buy it from Amazon.


Google Pixelbook Go


The Google Pixel Book Go is a beautiful laptop with a 13.3-inch display that weighs just 2.3 pounds. And there’s a sharp grip on the bottom to prevent the laptop from falling on slate surfaces.

Not only is the Pixel Book Go portable and stylish, but it also offers excellent performance, and makes for fast charging via any USB-C port. Battery life is also very good. Its battery life lasts more than eight hours, and it allows you to easily complete the entire day without any hassle. But it does have great keyboard features, which make typing easy.

The Google Chromebook Go is a valuable product, and it’s not at the top of our list because the Chromebook Platt C434 offers similar specs and features at a slightly lower price. But the special thing about this laptop is that due to its battery life and lightweight, many buyers prefer to spend a little more on this laptop.

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