ASUS Laptop Keyboard Not Working


Sangram Rana

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Not Working

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Is the keyboard on your ASUS laptop malfunctioning when running Windows 10? Maybe the keys on your ASUS ROG laptop are stuck or you’ve accidentally locked them.

Not to fret! There are a number of potential causes for your ASUS laptop’s inactive keyboard, but fortunately there are also a number of simple solutions.

In this article, you’ll learn eight possible ways to fix the keyboard on your Windows 10-based ASUS laptop.

Here you’ll find answers to all of your computer-related questions, from those about a misconfigured keyboard to those about removing a malicious virus.

Restart your Laptop

If the keys on your ASUS laptop are acting strange, you might try rebooting the machine.

This is how you can force your laptop to restart completely:

  1. It’s best to go off of public wifi if you’re currently connected.
  2. Remove any new software that may have been installed recently.
  3. Close your computer’s lid.
  4. It’s time to turn off the power.
  5. Detach the laptop’s battery.
  6. Turn on the device by pressing and holding the power button. All of its remaining energy will be drained.
  7. Disconnect any external storage devices from your laptop.
  8. Ensure that the laptop has cooled down entirely.
  9. Replace the laptop’s battery.
  10. Get the power wire plugged in.
  11. Reconnect the USB adaptor for your wireless keyboard.
  12. Please boot up your computer.
  13. Your ASUS laptop’s keyboard, if it was simply a minor issue, should now function.

Get Rid of Any Viruses.

The keyboard virus may be the cause of your ASUS laptop’s continued inability to function.

These simple procedures will help you eliminate viruses from your system:

  1. Bring up your anti-virus software.
  2. Go into the preferences for scanning.
  3. Run a full virus scan on your computer.
  4. The antivirus software on your laptop should detect and eliminate any viruses on its own.

The configuration of your ASUS laptop computer is yet another potential cause of keyboard issues.

Resest your setting

The configuration of your ASUS laptop computer is yet another potential cause of keyboard issues.

Here are the measures you can take to restore your defaults:

  1. Select the clock icon in the Taskbar and right-click it.
  2. Make the necessary changes by selecting the “Set date/time” option.
  3. Just set the time and date to the correct values.
  4. Open the Configuration menu.
  5. Select “Convenience” from the menu.
  6. Select the Keyboard options menu.
  7. The Filter Keys feature can be disabled through the toggle switch.
  8. Get back into your computer’s configuration options.
  9. To reach “Time & Language,” just click there.
  10. To select the proper region, please visit the Region menu.
  11. Click the Language tab and select the desired language.
  12. Launch the Settings menu.
  13. Go to the section labeled “Keyboard.”
  14. The Keyboard Options can be accessed by clicking the corresponding button.
  15. To make a long loop, set the “Repeat delay” to a long number.
  16. Select “Apply,” then “OK,” to proceed.
  17. Launch the Run program.
  18. Enter “osk” and press the OK button. By doing so, you’ll activate the on-screen keyboard.
  19. Use the on-screen keyboard to access “Options.”
  20. Select “Turn on numeric key pad” and confirm with OK.
  21. The final step is to activate the NumLock feature by clicking on the highlighted “NumLock” key on the virtual keyboard.
    Your ASUS laptop keyboard should now function normally once you adjusted its settings.

Update Your Keyboard Drivers

The faulty keyboard may be the result of running an ASUS keyboard driver with Windows 10.

The following procedures will assist you in updating your keyboard drivers:

  1. Please ensure that your laptop is online.
  2. Launch the Device Manager.
  3. Use the down arrow beside “Keyboards” to reveal other options.
  4. The No Products Found error message means
  5. Do a right-click on every remote keyboard.
  6. To remove any third-party keyboards, select their “Uninstall Device” tab.
  7. Go on to Step 2 if your on-screen keyboard still doesn’t function.
  8. To use the built-in keyboard, right-click on it.
  9. Pick the option to “Update driver.”
  10. Select the option to have the system look for newer drivers automatically. If your keyboard driver is outdated, this will fix that.
  11. Put your laptop to sleep.

Use the Keyboard Troubleshooter

There are troubleshooting steps you may take if you’re still having issues with the keyboard on your ASUS laptop.

Here’s how you can utilize the keyboard’s built-in diagnostic tool:

  1. Open the Configuration menu.
  2. The section labeled “Troubleshoot” should be chosen.
  3. A keyboard will appear; click on it.
  4. To launch the troubleshooter, select it.
  5. Continue with the steps until the problem is fixed.
  6. If you’re having problems with your settings that you haven’t been able to repair with the other methods, the troubleshooter should be able to help.

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